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Boxing Gear and Equipment Products

Head guards are vital boxing protection gear in sparring and amateur contests. This is to protect the head by absorbing the force and shock of punches to the head. Boxing Barn has a wide selection of head guards to give you more options

Groin guards combine safety and comfort as these protect the groin area during practice and in actual boxing contests. It is important, whether male or female, to be protected in this particular area.

Mouth guards are necessary during sparring and actual contests. High quality is important to protect teeth and gums during punch impact as well as absorb the shock to prevent further injuries.

Boxing Gloves are fundamental in training and of course during sports contests. They are vital while practicing on punching bags, mitts and striking shields and targets. Because of the necessity of boxing gloves in training, we made it our business to bring you a wide selection of this gear.

Boxing boots’ essential characteristics are excellent traction and providing ankle support. They have to be comfortable and able to stand the wear and tear of the different footwork involved in the sport. Boxing barn offers you the best boxing boots in the market.

A boxing bag is ideal to keep all of your gear in one place, making them handy and organized in one bag. Because you are going to use it for practicing, working out or going to and from contests, it’s essential that it should be made with high-grade materials and have undergone quality testing.

One must remember that Boxing is an intense contact sport and every precaution must be taken to prevent injuries. Boxing Barn offers the quality you are looking for in boxing gear and equipment without the high price tag. Our extensive knowledge and resource in the sport and the different items as well as keeping up-to-date in the development of these products for safety and protection makes us the go-to resource online.

We understand what our customers want in terms of gear and equipment because we’ve personally tested them. We offer products that we use for our boxing practices and amateur contests.